Fire Hose Cabinets:


  • Fire Cabinet


Bristol Cabinets have an attractive and compact design with high universal quality standards.

Bristol Cabinets can be surface mounted or recessed with architrave and 180° swinging action doors and center pivot door. Bristol cabinets come in mild steel finish, stainless steel finish aluminum finish and wooden finish.



  • surface mounted​​ 

  • recessed with architrave​​ 

  • 180° swinging action doors and center pivot door

  • Mild steel finish

  • stainless steel finish

  • Mild steel body with stainless steel door​​ 

  • aluminum finish​​ 

  • Wooden finish.

  • Glass door

  • Free stand cabinets For Hydrant

  • Siamese connection cabinets

  • Extinguishers Cabinets


  • Fire Hose

Fire Hoses are high pressure hoses that carry water or other fire retardant such as foam from the supply to the fire to be extinguished. Bristol Fire Hoses come in different sizes, length and assemblies, and comply with both international and local standards. Bristol also offers accessories that complement these hoses.

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Fire Hoses are made with polyester and its inner-lining with EPDM to ensure low friction loss and maximum flow while maintaining high durability.


  • working pressure up to​​ 18bar

  • Burst Pressure Up to 60bar

  • Single and double jacket hose

  • Hose Nozzles


  • Jet/Spray/Off Branch Pipe Nozzle

  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle

  • Available in Brass and​​ Aluminum



  • Fire Reel

  • Manual and automatic reel

  • Double Braided Polyester Cord-Reinforced Rubber

  • Includes Nozzle, Ball Valve, Mounting Bracket










  • Fire Hose Rack


  • Wall Mounted and Valve Mounted

  • Available in 1.5 & 2.5 inch​​