Data Center Cabinets

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Data Center Cabinets

1-DCMax Datacenter Cabinets

DCMax Datacenter Server Cabinets are designed for hot aisle and cold aisle structures, widely used in enterprise datacenters. Available in IP20 / IP55.​​ 

IP20 DCMax cabinets have 80% perforation on front (1ea.) and rear (1ea.) doors and provide passive air ventilation for cabinets.

IP55 DCMax cabinets have optionally a secure glass front door inside a solid metal frame, or a completely solid front door (1 ea.). Rear door is foamed with sealing gasket (1ea.

Extra depth of cabinets provides more space for cabling and cooling.

This unique design:

  • Provides maximum cooling performance in IP20 and IP55 protection class.

  • Offers a wide range of cabinet sizes and accessories.

  • H = 42/47U , W = 600/800 mm D = 1000 / 1100 / 1200 mm.

  • Provides maximum inner space for servers.

  • Provides maximum space for professional cable management.

  • Is a heavy duty construction with a load carrying capacity of 1500 kg.

  • Datacenter cabinets passed BELLCORE GR-63-CORE zone 4 test (NEBS requirements), with a physical load of 1000 kg.

  • DCMax cabinets are compatible with all vendor’s servers.

  • High technical performance and grounding continuity.


(600x1000 & 800x1000 mm)

Compatible with all EIA-31 0 compliant 19’’ equipment and all types of servers / brands will fit in ServerMAX server cabinets.

Offers protection from humidity, dust and provides a secure enclosure.

ServerMAX server cabinets provide efficient passive ventilation with vented structures of front and rear doors. Front and rear doors are 63% perforated for high-density cooling which meets or exceeds server manufacturer’s ventilation requirements. If required, standard doors may be replaced with plexi-perpex doors. ServerMAX enclosures can be joined together simply using a baying kit.