Honeywell Morley-IAS

DX Fire Alarm Control Panels

The Morley-IAS DX Connexion panel is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium sized buildings. All in all, a compact, high performance, feature rich, economical fire alarm control panel designed to help both the installer and the end user.


Single Loop Control Panel, 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits. Dims 260 x 390 x 147mm (H x W x D) 714-001-111 DXc 1 Control Panel


Two Loop Control Panel, 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits. Dims 391.5 x 390 x 147mm (H x W x D) 714-001-221 DXc2 Control Panel


Four Loop Control Panel, 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits. Dims 391.5 x 390 x 147mm (H x W x D) 714-001-241 DXc4 Control Panel

ZX Fire Alarm Control Panels

The ZXSe range of intelligent fi re alarm control panels has been designed to assist with the normal operation of a fi re detection system. Standard weekly testing is available through a simple menu structure allowing selection of the zones to be tested either with or without activation of the output relays or sounders. Additionally, the status of individual devices can be analysed to determine whether cleaning or replacement is required. As the installation grows the ZXSe panel can expand with the building or site by adding additional devices, loop cards, printers or repeater panels. Additionally, further ZXSe panels can be networked together allowing an even bigger system to be created.
Loop Capacity: One loop
2- ZX2Se
Loop Capacity: 1or 2 loops
3- ZX5Se
Loop Capacity: 1 to 5 loops

Fire Alarm Repeater Panel

709-601-001 Active Repeater.

Silence, Mute, Reset, Accept, Evacuate and Test Controls. DX control panels require 24 Vdc supply. ZX control panels require 24 Vdc supply and an RS485 card.
165 x 254 x 50mm (H x W x D).

709-701-001 Passive Repeater

DX control panels require a 24 Vdc supply.
ZX control panels require 24 Vdc supply and an RS485 card
165 x 254 x 50mm (H x W x D).


Addressable Sensor

Morley-IAS HM intelligent detectors incorporate incorporates major hardware and software technology driven developments. A completely new optical chamber design is proven in extensive testing to be more efficient, less liable to false alarm due to dust and insects and less susceptible to fault in high air velocities or back pressure.
The family consists of four detection devices: two heat detectors (58° and a rate of rise), an optical smoke, and a photo-thermal multi-sensor.
HM-PSE-S2 Addressable Optical Smoke Detector
HM-FHSE Addressable Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector
HM-RHSE Addressable ROR Thermal Detector
HM-PTSE Addressable Photo Thermal Detector

• Rotary decade address switches
• Aesthetic design to harmonise with the modern built environment
• New base to complement the detector and ease installation and wiring

Manual Call Point

The MI-MCP Series Manual Call Points are designed to provide a manual alarm interface to Morley IAS’s fire alarm control panel. Installation efficiency, flexibility and compliance with the latest standards are at the heart of the call point range.
• Re-settable operating element option
• Analogue addressable communications
• Semi-Flush or surface mounting
• Fully compliant with EN54, Part 11
• Integral LED
• Integral loop isolation option
MI-MCP-FLEX Addressable Manual Call Point With Built In Isolator
MI-MCP-GLASS Addressable Manual Call Point, Break Glass

Addressable Field Device

MI-LPB2-S2I Addressable Reflective Beam Detector MI-LPB2-S2I is an addressable reflector-type linear optical beam smoke detectors designed to operate as a component of an intelligent fire alarm system. They operate primarily on the principle of light obscuration utilising an Infra-Red beam. Optical beam smoke detectors are particularly appropriate for protecting buildings with large open spaces such as warehouses, atriums etc.


Audible/Visual Addressable Device

Morley-IAS’s new modular range of Intelligent AV warning devices provides easier system configuration and flexibility. A common base across AV and detectors is available, allowing for easier installation and ordering.Individual tone and volume settings and sounder tone synchronisation can be adjusted from the panel enabling the sound intensity to be adjusted to suit the application.


َMI-WSO-PP-N  Intelligent Wall Mounted Sounder, Pure White

َMI-WSS-PC-N Intelligent Wall Mounted Sounder Strobe, Clear Lens

MI-WSO-PR-N Intelligent Wall Mounted Sounder, Red

WRR Weatherproof Mounting Base For Wall Mounted Sounder, IP65