About Us

Our Vision

To be the leading supplier and system integrator for all light current products and solutions in the Middle East.

our Mission

To maintain “Customer Satisfaction” with our comprehensive range of products and professional services especially designed to meet each clients’ unique requirements leveraging our ability to achieve our goals.

Our Team

We invest heavily in our team by providing them with continuous training in order to keep them abreast with the latest technologies and techniques to deliver topnotch solutions based on honesty, integrity and reliability.

our Products


Smart Line Technologies Egypt is a light current and fire engineering system supplier and integrator and the exclusive and authorized distributor for at least one company in each light current and fire engineering field, delivering high quality solutions and professional technical services at competitive prices. Smart Line Technologies Egypt has associated its name with some of the biggest brands in the light current and fire engineering fields such as Honeywell, Kidde, Siex, Bristol, TOA and many others.The company has been rapidly growing since its establishment and has proven its specialization in providing professional surveillance solutions, complex fire alarm & extinguishing solutions, premium sound and audio visual solutions, access control and intrusion detection solutions, active and passive data network solutions as well as data center preparation solutions and in addition to other various light current solutions.

  • Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Security Inspection Equipment
  • Security Access Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Solutions
Fire alarm_0 (1)
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Solutions
  • Fire Fighting Solutions
  • Fire Suppression Solutions
  • Nurse Call Solutions
  • Queuing Management Solutions
  • Satellite Multi Antenna and IP TV Solutions
  • Conference Solutions
  • Active Network Solutions
  • Passive Network Solutions
  • Data Center Preparation Solutions